Monday, November 21, 2011

Tips: How to set different default printers for different locations ina single computer

Consider you’re using your notebook both at work and at home and wish to use it with printers as well, what you will do? In such case, you can set a different default printer for each location. If you’re in your office, you can set default to the networked color laser printer and use the scanner/copier/laser printer when you’re in the other office. However, you can still use your personal printer when you’re at home.
All it is required to do is, just click on the Start Menu and type “printers” in the search field, and choose “Devices and Printers.” Then, it is required to click on one of your printers and click on the “Manage Default Printers” option in the menu bar.

After that, it is required to specify which printer should be the default for each network you’ve connected to. Now, you can select the Microsoft XPS Document Writer for locations where you don’t have access to a printer. That’s it. Everything is set now.

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