Friday, December 9, 2011

Tips: How to disable the Aero Snap feature

Sometimes, you can find the difficulties of automatic actions that are meant to be helpful for you. For example, we can have an example of turning OFF the feature in Word that automatically selects entire words when you may be trying to select just part of a word. In a similar way, you can also disable the Aero Snap feature that is capable of automatically snapping Windows to a certain size and position when you drag their title bars on the desktop.

If you wish, you can turn OFF this feature though the settings are not readily apparent. Have a look at the following procedure.

1.    First, it is required to click the “Start” button to open the start menu.
2.    Now, it is required to type mouse in the Search Files And Programs box.
3.    After that, you can select Change How Your Mouse Works from the list of items that are found.
4.    Then, you can select the checkbox for the option Prevent Windows From Being Automatically Arranged When Moved To The Edge Of The Screen.

If you perform this action, the Aero Shake Feature will also be disabled. Therefore, it isn’t possible to shake a window to minimize all other open windows. You may also perform the same steps to enable the same. Also, check the option displayed above Prevent Windows From Being Automatically Arranged… option. Moreover, the Activate A Window By Hovering Over It With The Mouse checkbox can really streamline how you interact with a desktop full of open windows.

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