Friday, January 20, 2012

Gadgets: Canon flaunts its new iVIS Camcorders

Today, Canon has rolled out its new iVIS Camcorder with the HF M52, HF M51 and HF R31. You can expect this in Japan from March. The camcorders feature the High-end version, the HF M52 32GB of internal memory, SDXC slot, HD CMOS PRO, DiGIC DV III, Full HD and WiFi with DLNA Support, where the HF M51 and HF R31 comes without WiFi and even without Canon’s high end HD CMOS PRO sensor. Moreover, you can have a 32x optical Zoom instead of the 10x one installed on both the HF M52 and HF M51.

Canon brings a waterproof casing for both the HF M52 and HF M51. Another feature is that all photos and videos in 720p would be now compatible with most Android and iOS devices.

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