Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Software: Pigeonhole Organizer is a simple and easy tool for your notes

Yesterday, we have discussed about Tree Notes to organize your notes. In such a way, we have another software called Pigeonhole Organizer. It is a simple application and easy to use. The software lets you keep your notes as freely written notes. If you use this software, it isn’t required to save and you can still find again the contents. This application is capable of displaying a grid of pigeonholes that resemble to a spreadsheet.

Moreover, you can easily click on a particular pigeonhole and type in your required information without the efforts of saving it. All your typed data is automatically saved to the particular pigeonhole. Each time you want to access your stored information, you need to just move the mouse over the grid.
Besides, the software is capable of displaying 175 pigeonholes at any one time by just moving the cursor over the grid.
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