Friday, January 20, 2012

Software: Project Framework for IT professionals and consultants

No matter if you’re a consultant, freelancer, manager or an IT professional as Project Framework has come out with a lot of features that support the program to bring an enhanced result. By using the Project Framework software, you can easily create the IT project documents automatically. The Project Framework is versatile and fully customizable software that lets you create more than 50 professional IT project documents in MS Word and MS Excel. Project Framework is capable of creating complex Commercial Proposals together with legal Terms & Conditions which may be tailored on your Company's needs. Project Framework allows you to assign any single record to up to 8 people (you may even involve your Customer).

50+ IT Documents/Deliverables created automatically (25 in MS Word and even more in MS Excel), from Application Architecture to Technology Architecture,  E/R Model, Database Growth Trend, Integration Architecture, Testing Strategies and more.

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