Tuesday, January 29, 2013

All You Need to Know about Apple iOS 6.1

Apple has recently launched the updated version of their special operating system the iOS  6.1. It has been eagerly awaited by the ardent Apple users and fans. After 5 beta versions finally the iOS  6.1 was released officially on 28th Jan, 2013.  It is a very modern and up to date operating system and this much awaited Apple device has lots to offer its followers. The other operating systems are far behind this latest version of operating system by Apple. It enables many overseas carrier companies to access the LTE networks. The iOS  6.1 is an upgrade from the earlier iOS  6 and it will add extra power to your iPhones and ipads.

How available is the new iOS  6.1?

The good news about the operating system upgrade by Apple is that the iOS  6.1 is now available as a free download for many of the latest Apple devices. Downloading this software will boost the capabilities of your existing operating system and give you several new, enjoyable features. At present the iPhone 5, ipad mini, second and third generation ipads, third and fourth generation of ipods, iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S can download this new version of ios.

Increased Market for Apple Products:

The iOS  6.1 has enabled Apple to expand its market considerably. The iOS  6.1 provides its users with a better LTE support. By improving their existing operating system Apple has opened new doors of opportunities for 36 global carriers who could not support the LTE system before. Now the users of Apple product can get their iPhones and ipads supported by any of these 36 carrier companies globally, increasing the chances of better market revenue for Apple.

How will this help Users?

More users now can get the benefits of Apple inventions with the new software iOS  6.1. It will help new as well as existing customers to get the amazing safari browsing which is the best way of surfing the internet and online reading. Safari browsing dispels the annoying ads flashing over your favorite article or website and gives you better view of the webpage. It is super fast and user friendly. More users now can take advantage of the icloud and iTunes, both of which offer exciting services.

Special Features of iOS  6.1:

There are some great new features included in the iOS  6.1 which will surprise its followers. It cannot yet be told with certainty if the maps section has been improvised but the iOS  6.1 enables its users to lodge their complaints regarding the maps in an improved sort of way. The music settings have been changed for the convenience of the users. The controls for music options are now more spaced than before making it easier to handle. Siri has become more efficient and she can now perform new tasks on your behalf. Siri is the personal assistant Apple gifts you on the purchase of its latest products and now she is more powerful. Siri can buy your movie tickets following your voice command.