Sunday, January 13, 2013

Free Wi-Fi accessibility provided at Chelsea, New York City by Google

Google, the greatest among the search engines along with a new York developmental organization are doing a great job .They are giving free service of Wi-Fi internet access amongst public near Manhattan neighborhood Chelsea area. By doing this job they are providing the Wi-Fi internet accessibility over a huge area in the New York city.

Google and Chelsea improved company are non profitable organization are taking internet to the door step of the people of Chelsea area which is also the home for Google’s office and various technological offices.

The neighboring Chelsea area is concentrated by students and inhabitants of a public house and society thus this service will provide a great help to these people.

Therefore this accessibility helped in getting permanent solution for the individuals living in the neighborhood of Manhattan. The time frame set for this accessibility is still not decided but the work has been already started .it is not only providing pro bono inter-webs but also provides internet access to students area  and low income group area. So its reasonable pricing is compared to that of the municipal Wi-Fi connections available over these areas.

These free Wi-Fi will be available outdoors in:

  • Gansevoort Street.

  • 19th street.

  • 8th avenue to the west side highway and

  • the neighborhood public area which also includes Chelsea triangle,14th park street,

  • This Wi-Fi was installed ad designed by the sky packets.

Inaugural ceremony of Wi-Fi accessibility at Chelsea:

This venture of Google was inaugurated by New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and us Senator Charles Schumer.

Ben fried the chief officer of Google was there for this inaugural function and while attending his function he said that Google as proud to provide Wi-Fi free of cost to the people of Chelsea along with its neighboring areas. The entire area of this service of Wi-Fi network would not only help the five thousand plus students population of Chelsea and its neighboring areas but would also help two thousand plus residents of Fulton Houses .the service would also help hundreds of workers ,retail customers and tourist population of Chelsea and its neighborhood everyday. A company representative also said that google does not propose in the extension of its plan

Other services provided

The company is also providing free of cost services to Mountain View area of California. The main campus of goggle is also located in this area.

This venture is not new for Google last year Google provided some two hundred Wi-Fi hotspots around the city as a promotional service offer partnered with Boingo wireless. This service was for special consumers, Merchandise which was targeted and internet services on the mobile devices. This promotional service started from June and continued till l7th of September, 2012.Therefore Google continues to expand its network by giving these free promotional services time to time keeping in mind the requirement of internet services for all the people of different strata

This service is definitely a head-turner for Google. And it is sure to help Google gain some goodie-points!
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