Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kobo mini eReader-Highly Compatible

The palm grip-friendly Kobo mini e-reader is an interesting invention. For the large number of e-book enthusiasts this is charming good news. Reading e-books have never been more comfortable and pocket friendly. The Kobo mini not only fits your pocket but also very inexpensive. The other big sized e-readers are so expensive that while buying them you might fear over spending. The e-reader by Kobo is small in size but has all the necessary facilities of a full sized e-reader. You can take it with you and read your favourite titles at any place without being bothered about space crunch. Though some might doubt the usability of the e-reader, the lovers of books can never question its utility. The light weight and portability that the Kobo mini affords you is definitely a plus point.

The Key Features of Kobo mini e-reader:

  1. Screen and Display: The display of the mini e-reader is about 5 inch big. It incorporates the E-Ink technology which makes sure that you can see the screen display even in bright lights and sunlight and it doesn’t hurt your eyesight. The resolution you will be getting with the mini is 800X600. The contrast is not too good could have been better. Though the smaller version of Kobo does fit your pocket and palm easily when you are reading a hefty thriller or sci-fi adventure, turning page too often might prove to be a distraction. But the Kobo mini is fast enough and does not make you wait too long for the new page to appear. There are seven different fonts in the mini that you can adjust per your preference. You can also change the spacing between words and the gap between lines.

  2. Size and Styling: The Kobo mini e-reader fits your pocket and is very light to carry. For the people who both love to read and travel this is a perfect buy for on the go reading experience of high quality. Kobo mini is very stylish and lets you choose from a variety of different colours. You can change the look of your mini e-reader by changing the covers. The three fun colours will lift your mood and enhance your reading experience.

  3. Greatness of E-Ink: The E-Ink makes every page look like real paper and ink and gives your e-reading experience a boost. Reading with E-Ink feels great and is also good for your eyes.

  4. Discover the New: The “discover” tab gives you a chance to explore a whole new lot of books that you might fall in love with. Once just tap the tab and a list of books will open up for you.

  5. Connectivity: The Kobo mini is capable of connecting with any Wi-Fi connection and you can buy books from the truly awesome Kobo online bookstore which offers over 3 million e-books for you. You can select a newly released book or go for an old favourite from any spot of the world.

  6. Storage: The Kobo mini though small and light lets you store 1000 e-books at the same time and you can arrange them as per your liking and make lists.