Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Best of 2012 - Retina Display, Google Now and Leap Motion

2012 was a huge year in many ways.  There were new devices that everyone waited anxiously for as well as the many new technology that everyone wanted to get their hands on.  Over the course of the year, barriers were broken and new records made and it does seem that the tech innovations from 2012 will continue to 2013 because let’s face it, what we found in 2012 is still very new to us all and it will only get with time also.

So, let’s take a tour of some of the great inventions of 2012!

Let’s start off with the new Apple Retina Display.

Apple has created the Retina Display making the new displays on almost all of their devices sharp and very impressive.  The displays are now small but the pixels are improved greatly.  With Apple’s new technology being introduced only a matter of months ago, the Retina Display offers something much more and it looks to improve for this year also.

Everything changed when the Retina Display features appeared because the displays on products with this feature have gone through the roof.  Viewing angles are extremely improved on, as well as a reduced glare feature and that is no easy challenge.  Glare is almost completely gone, and the resolution is crisper especially when viewing photographs.

Google Now

This may be a newer so called version of Siri but it is certainly making waves.  This is the best for those with Jellybean Android Operating Systems and the software has only shown its worth.  The software can actually know or rather anticipate what the user will need or want because of things such as the time in the day and where they are in the world.

It might seem strange but it certainly offers things such as weather info and even transport time from coaches or trains.  It can even locate friends if users use this with Google Latitude.  It will also bring a better gaming experience also.

Google Glass

Google Glass has sprinted onto the scene for all of the right reasons.  These glasses look amazing and to be honest, it’ll be something everyone is going to be looking forward to use.  They’re very smart.

Leap Motion

We cannot forget Leap Motion because it might be the best of 2012.  This is completely new!  This shows natural hand movements and can interpret all movements through 100% accuracy!  We can actually use things such as computer and TV’s with Leap Motion.

We can turn channels, search online and do a whole lot more with Leap Motion and it is going to be around forever because it is perfect.  It can allow hand and finger movement so finely just as though a pen or pencil is being used.  It’s very sensitive but it does offer more accurate results.  This could replace touch screen technology, it’s that good!  It really will be the type of technology that everyone is going to be looking for and it’s really one of the best.
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