Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Top 10 Technology Blogs Which are Rocking the Tech World

Blogging has become a huge craze among youngsters and their seniors; basically it has become a popular way of self-expression among people across the world. Blogging gives an opportunity to write on any topic of your choice and share it with the whole world and that too without spending any money. Blogging is a great hobby and for people who love technology there are lots of blogs to choose from. These technology blogs are full of information about the latest gadgets and gizmos and do a mean analysis of each of their performance. For people who work in the technological field and students these blogs is a gold-mine of reliable and worthy information. Actually people now a day have started relying more on the blogs for latest technical news and started browsing them before making any important technical purchase or investment.

Which are the Top Technology Blogs?

So let’s discuss some of the famous and favourite technology blogs which are doing a great job

  • Techcrunch is probably one of the best loved technological blogs at present. It is a very useful blog which is continuously updated with new articles by devoted bloggers and always gives you something new to read about. They are the second largest blog at present and have a big team of technological writers working on it diligently.

  • Gizmodo is another talked about technology blog which has a fresh and funny way of handling the information and gives its readers lots to laugh and enjoy.

  • Wired is also a famous blog which is quite similar to the Techcrunch but it has 4 international editions one of which is based in UK.

  • Mashable is a unique and much loved technology blog which has millions of visitors and regulars. It is often referred to as ‘the social media guide’ and it totally mixes up social media related news and presents all technological news in a vibrant and fun way which is sure to make you laugh.

  • GigaOM is a great technology blog which is run by a very intelligent and technically superb team of twelve. This blog has been founded by Om Malik who is himself very much in love with technology. The blog has many mentionable features. It thoroughly covers all technology related fields from gaming to social media to gadgets and IT. Everyday lots of new articles are published in it.

  • The Guardian Tech Blog is one of the best technical blogs run by the UK newspaper brand of same name. They not only give thorough information related to technology but also provide a great phone application which is much better than its rivals.

  • The Financial Times Tech Blog is one of the most reliable technical blogs. It provides very sincere and appropriate information.

  • How-to Geek is a very helpful blog for all your IT related queries and it gives you step by step information on how to do something related with technology.

  • Computerworld blogs are very popular too as they put up some exciting and refreshing blogs.

  • Official Google Enterprise Blog gives its readers all info related to the giant search engine and all its innovations.
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