Thursday, January 10, 2013

The withdrawal of patent claims against Microsoft by Google: Xbox fights

The patent war between Google and Microsoft over the video compression technology used in Xbox 360 has finally come to an end. Google also blamed Microsoft in using their innovative venture of their Wi-Fi technology.

So Google now withdraws these two blames from Microsoft by us international trade commission that handles these patent disputes. So Microsoft also keeps a good faith on Google over licensing terms which is in the similar line of previous claims. Google claimed $4bn as a yearly charge to Microsoft in lieu of licensing their patent .another dispute regarding the claims of Google is being handled by Microsoft. The statement of Microsoft in support to their argument states that the patent of Motorola mobility unit of Google worth only$1m per year because of the high demand of this technology in the field of technical industries.

Dispute over the license fee

As per Google the logical basis the strike upon this deal was to have a 2.25 percent royalty demand from ,Microsoft as other licenses were also agreed upon the same logic .in case the dispute have gone further the jury would have asked to overrule the royalty charges being too high
.Motorola was prompted to file law suits in us and Europe last year as Microsoft denied to discuss over the proposal arising on this issues .this in turn let to the blocking the sales of many Microsoft product based upon the fact of infringement of its right.

In may 2012 Google partial victory over the dispute was marked by the winning of an injunction order by the court. The injunctions were imposed on the Microsoft Germany for sales of:

• Windows 7 system software
• Xbox 360 games console
• Internet Explorer browser
• Windows Media Player

However the ban was overruled by another judgment.

Cost of patents

There is a lack of clarity on the result of the last dispute over the other pending disputes. The corporate vice president of Microsoft Mr. .David Howard conveyed that Microsoft was very happy due to the withdrawal of the claims for exclusion orders against Microsoft .he also expressed hope of withdrawal of similar claims pending in other jurisdiction by Google.

Microsoft’s victory over Google for a third patent in Germany.

Motorola tabs and phone application has been infringed by a process to deal with different kinds of user input has been imposed by German court. Motorola did not pay the license that Samsung, HTC and others paid.

Google faced sales restrictions in Germany until some changes were made in the operating system of android.

In recent month this was the third law suit in whch Microsoft achieved victory over Google.

Software clarification
In the latest case notes the patent stated that the mobile handsets were very small o fit full character keyboard whch lead to a need of various ways by the users to put in data. So it might get difficult for Google to distribute software update and resolve this problem rather than agreeing to pay high amount for license.
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