Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top 10 Apple Apps to Lookout for

Smart phones and tablets have become an ardent necessity of all people and iPhones, ipods and ipads top the charts. These are inventions by the highly esteemed tech giant Apple and give great leverage to their users worldwide. One of the best things about the apple products is that they can give you access to some of the most hip and happening apps. With the increasing market for their product Apple is diligent and devoted in making the life of the users more fun and exciting by the advent of new and smart web apps. The users of smart phones are always trying to get newer apps and they also insist on variety. Keeping the client base happy and growing is a challenging job which Apple has performed perfectly.

How good is Apple in the department of Apps?

Apple is quite great in the matters of apps. Web apps are on an all time high and they are always on demand. People are more prone to multi-tasking than ever and Apple knows how to cash this tendency. The Apple gadgets can download more than 800,000 apps with the help of iTunes. The iTunes store has an incredible stock of apps which will blow anyone’s mind. Whatever is the area of your interest Apple has an app for your liking. Many people tend to work and do business on their iPhones and iPads so there are apps which will help your work functions and also apps for quick entertainment. With a small tap you can flick from one app to another and also make your favorite ones feature on the home screen.

Top 10 must have Apple Apps:

1.       Action Movie FX: This amazing application developed by Bad Robot Interactive lets the iPhone and iPad users add high quality effects like the Hollywood movies to your videos. This makes shooting far more fun and the quality of your videos are greatly increased. This app includes the Black Ops in a most amazing manner.
2.       Pandora Radio: The Pandora Radio is another great app which helps you create personalized music stations. All you have to do is type the name of your favorite artist or favorite genre of music and this app will create customized station playing similar music for you.
3.       Waze:  This app helps you take the right route avoiding too much traffic and provides up to date traffic news while you are on the roads.
4.       Sparrow: This app is for the people who need to free their mail inbox of clatter. You can unify and expand your inbox for better storage.
5.       Camera+:  This is a must have app for the ardent photographers. It gives many options to make your pictures more creative and the adjoined social networking sites let you share your pictures instantaneously.
6.       Google Voice:  The Google Voice app is for free and it lets you make international voice calls at cheap rates and send unlimited messages worldwide.
7.       The Weather Channel: This app gives spot on weather forecasts and news.
8.       Pac-Man Lite: It is a fun game to lighten your mood in between tough work schedules.
9.       Netflix: This app gets you the latest seasons and episodes of your favorite shows.
10.     Angry Birds Free: This is another fun time pass app.