Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Top 10 Technology Trends you should know

Technology is fast becoming more and more intellectual and it has started governing every aspect of our lives. The Tech savvy people are continuously at the lookout for new and innovative ideas which they can implement into making better gadgets and Technical tools to serve humankind in a better way. The key words are probably betterment and improvement here. The more we improve the more we seek improvement. Let’s see what the top technical trends are for us and what waits in the future.

  • The top most trends in the gizmo world are to merge the physical world with the technical world so that we get more intelligent technical products which will serve us better in every way. So making smarter gadgets which will communicate and interact freely with humans is in the agenda. This will lead to faster working speed and better service in all aspects of life

  • Agile will become popular as the Techies have vowed to make it better from all aspects .Not all organizations will be able to use it as it needs superior infrastructure and settings to go in favor for it. But many organizations and industries are trying to make improvements regarding Agile.

  • IT before had no business side but with progress in technology IT guys have started becoming more interested in the business aspects of IT and they are trying to plan and communicate more so IT doesn’t stay just a support system but becomes a business itself. Training the new IT employees and implementation of the chalked out plans all are looming in the new IT horizon.

  • The trend of outsourcing is going to change and flow in the opposite direction. The trend before was to run eastward for cheap labor but now better use of available resources is fast becoming the order of the day as instead of off shoring labor redistribution is fast becoming the new trend.

  • Smart phones are also going to be revolutionized as new apps and smarter bodies are on their way to enrich the already excellent smart phones. So making the smart phones smarter is on the technical agenda as well. New brands of phones will be launched with newer applications and sleeker bodies. Many companies are planning to renovate and launch their own smart phone ranges.

  • As you change devices of communication you will be able to start from exactly where you left it. There will be no more gaps or leaks as you can shift work and play from your mobile to the laptop or the desktop and go from there to your tablet. This innovation is for the people who are always on the go and have no time to waste.

  • The boring television sets will go through a complete makeover as they get far advanced and use a lot of new devices. The days of simple TV watching are gone as the TV will now give you a chance to do far more.

  • New and superior social networking platforms are being developed.

  • Better operating systems are on their way.

  • With the help of technology the government of various countries will change the treasure trove of valuable data into services useful to the public.
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