Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top Features of iPhones that make the World go Crazy

The iPhone is on the wish list of millions and it has been chosen by millions. It is one of the most sought after tech product at present and has been popular ever since it got launched. On June 29, 2007 the first iPhone was unleashed in the market and it took it by storm. The mother company of iPhone is Apple and they are not only smart in churning out covetable and ultra slim phones but also know how to spur the interest of the public with the right kind of publicity. However it is undeniable that the iPhones are really lucrative and the latest versions surely pack a punch. The craziness regarding the iPhone is not pointless. These power packed phones actually have amazing features to go loony about.

Design and Styling:

When it was first launched the design of the iPhone was not only eye catching but also very unique. The iPhone in general has a huge screen which is sensitive to touch and has only one button in the front for displaying the main menu of the device. The thinness of the iPhone has given it an edge over other smart phones. With the newer versions being launched the iPhone is becoming sleeker and slimmer in built. The iPhone4s has a 3.5 inch display while the newest version from Apple, the iPhone5 has a larger 4 inch screen. It is easier to work on the 4 inch screen as it is not too huge or wide and fits your grip with ease. The back is made of glass or aluminum depending on the model you choose to buy. Despite its thin disposition the iPhone is quite tough and gorgeous.

Operating System and Feature:

  • The iPhone runs on iOS, previously termed as iPhone OS. It is definitely smart and covers your needs beautifully.

  • The iPhone can also be used  an iPod and if you get one of these phones you can anywhere download and by using iTunes you can keep your playlist abreast and updated. For people who are always on the move and love music it is a great phone.

  • The processing speed is much higher than many other smart phones and surfing net or browsing web is a pleasurable experience with the iPhone.

  • The latest versions of iPhones are really powerful and the gaming on your iPhone will be as fast as in a portable play station and as they are capable of much more than just gaming iPhone would be a wiser purchase.

  • Much brighter screen and wonderful visual effects. Scrolling down all the time is not necessary as the large screen displays lots of info together.

  • There is an inbuilt wireless connecting technology that helps your iPhone connect to different networks very fast.

  • The camera in iPhone is very efficient and takes snaps super quick letting you capture all the rare moments.

  • Over 350,000 apps available for the iPhones make your multimedia experience extraordinary.