Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Want an E-Book Reader? Try the Kindle Fire HD

Well if you are a book lover then you should positively try an e-book reader and at present the Kindle Fire HD is considered quite the best e-book reader in the market. We know how much you love to touch and preserve your books in the book shelves and book racks. But as life is changing its pace too fast and your work is demanding too much of your time it is becoming practically impossible to read a nice book at leisure. You are always on the go and always moving around, that is the reason why a good e-book reader like the Kindle Fire HD can be your ideal companion.

Why should you try the Kindle Fire HP?

The Kindle Fire HD has many inviting features to offer as an e-book reader. It can store hundreds of books at the same time giving you ample choices and an opportunity to carry your mini library with you. The e-book readers are especially good as a gadget purchase as your kids and youngsters can read their various study materials and notes in it. The e-ink technology will make you feel like you are reading an actual book and the huge LCD display gives clarity and soft visibility to the texts and pictures. The text is visible even in sunlight and readable at all times. With the new kindle Fire HD you don’t have to bother your partner or roommates as even in the dark now you can read happily without disturbing anyone or straining your eyes.

The kindle Fire HD has a 7 inch high definition screen which makes your reading experience a joyful one. The best part of your purchase is probably the fact that the Kindle e-book reader gives you a chance to shop for books anytime from Amazon.Com and there you will be given a chance to download educational books for free and if you become a prime member then at a yearly charge you can get lots and lots of books lent to you by Amazon. The Kindle e-reader helps your blog writing creative spirits as well. The Kindle e-reader lets you choose from thousands of blogs online and you can select any topic of your choice to write on.

The Kindle e-book reader is ideal for the people with a scholastic bent of mind as they can carry their extensive library and creative desk with them 24/7. The Kindle Fire comes with memory storage of 16 and 32 GB which is enough for any hard core reader. The battery works 11 hours continuously. This e-book reader has an x-ray feature which helps you get additional information about movie or book characters from Wikipedia.

Downside of Kindle Fire HD

Though the Kindle Fire runs on Android system as the Amazon has changed it a lot you may not feel satisfied with all its aspects and services. Another disadvantage of it is that it doesn’t have any of the Google search engine, Gmail, Google Maps etc. Though it has face book and twitter the absence of Google can be really daunting.
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