Thursday, January 17, 2013

What are the Top 10 Gadgets to be launched in 2013?

Being satiated and placated is not the human nature. Striving always for something better is what the true spirit of the humans and technical gadgets also fall under their hunger for improvement. There is actually always space for improvement and betterment. The technical world is always evolving and changing for better and it is continuously innovating new things and gadgets. A look at the top gadgets about to be launched in the market in 2013 will give you an idea how fast the world is changing and how great the technical inventions have become.

  • OD-11 cloud speaker is a great new invention of the technical world. It is a wireless speaker sized at 26X26X26 cm and has a Bluetooth super fast connectivity. It gives you super fine quality in sound which is clear and loud but not hurting for your ears. With this new gadget you will be able to tap your favourite music from online sites like Spotify and others. The remote works through touch and it saves power too.

  • The Lenovo Think pad Helix is next on line. It is going to be the best Ultra book with the size of a tablet and working speed of a super fast ultrabook. It comes with Intel’s 3rd generation core processor and combines the capabilities of both an ultra book and a tablet. Its high point is its super slim built.

  • The wireless battery driven Panasonic electronic touch pen should be in your buy-list. It will give you a chance to draw on the surface of your tablet or LCD screen like a pro. It will make your experience of gaming better as you will be able to interact with your games and you can decorate your photos with it.

  • At first it was conceived as a gaming device but now Razor has turned it into a super class PC only at a very small size. It is definitely going to cost a fortune and it has a key board attachment.

  • Sony Xperia Z is another great gadget to be awaited in 2013.It has a 5 inch display and it is a supremely powered smyart phone. And the camera is a staggering 13 megapixel one.

  • Huawei Ascend W1 is the Chinese brand’s first Windows 8 phone which is solidly power packed and much awaited. It has a dual core snapdragon processor and a 4 inch LCD display. It is going to be available in a variety of colours like red, white, and blue and black. The camera in it is 5-megapixel one with auto flash system.

  • LG Ultra HD 65 inch is another great product to be launched in 2013. It will be highly priced and mostly for the rich and famous but it is definitely a fantasy item.

  • Aedle VK-1 is a beautifully designed product which is made of lamb skin leather and aluminium. It is going to work very nicely for the modern music lovers.

  • EA sports MVP carbon gaming head phones are also an awaited product with high quality.

  • Samsung S9 UHD is a new revolutionary product.
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