Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A smart way of watching, Samsung Smart TV and LED TV

We have not yet fully accomplished with the smartness of phones, now we are faced with smart TV from Samsung Electronics.  The company has launched 20 products in the Smart and LED TV series.  This is the ultimate experience in luxury.  The F8000 and F7500 are the first two televisions of Samsung with quad core processor.  It is hub of applications and entertainment.  It has voice control function that enables one to access the TV by interaction. It has sharp and smart functions such as, motion control (swipe the contents with gestures of the hand), voice control and face recognition. It has built in camera with Skype apps. 

One can easily download applications directly to the television.  The most astonishing is the Smart Touch Control. It is a remote to navigate the smart controls with a touchpad.  It has in built microphone to interact with the TV.  Apart from this, the display has high resolution with 1920x1080, ultra clear panel, noise filter, digital Dolby, 10W x 2 sound output,  micro dimming  and much more.  It is doing and watching things the smart way.
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