Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A step forward into 3D Motion Control with HP and Leap Motion

The two technological leaders Leap Motion and HP (Hewlett-Packard) are teaming up to bring 3D motion control technology.  Though no exact date is mentioned on the launch of the device, but it is confirmed that the motion controller is in collaboration with HP products.  That means the HP products will intake the technology of Leap Motion.  This implies the implementation of much smarter device with 3D technology at low prices.  Leap Motion technology can trail the hand movements and 10 fingers to 1/100th mm with no latent vision.  This device looks similar to a USB port and costs around $79.99.

Leap motion are the pioneers in touch free 3D motion control and motion sensing technology.  The HP devices will have inbuilt motion sensing technology known as Airspace, which is an application store of the company.  The application consists of software for education, art, gaming, productivity, music and much more.  They are on the verge of including other features like, voice and facial recognition in Personal computers.  Principal analyst Charles King was of the view that, it may not be possible to have the motion control technology in tablets or smart phones as of now.  Since the devices processing speed is not enough for Leap technology.