Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Apple to unveil the production of next level iPad

Rumours are in the air already that Apple is looking forward to release iPad 5 and iPad mini 2.  The iPad 5 is assumed to look a bit larger than iPad mini.  It is to be launched around October.  It is not clear as to whether the production has already started.  The iPad 5 is supposed to be compact with Retina display much like the mini.  It is much narrower in size which could mean that with 9.7 inch screen compactness can be a possibility.  The compact would mean, holding the product in one hand.  This also puts pressure on Apple about the heaviness of the product.  Holding with one hand can take a toll. 

But Apple is all set to bring lighter and slimmer models into the market.  It will be similar to mini with bezel design.  The sources of Apple confirmed that the display devices will be supported by LG and Sharp companies.  It will be even more concern for the Apple authorities about the battery life and the size of the product.