Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Apps for managing personal finance with Google Chrome

Many of us would like to know more about how to manage personal finances. Get smarter about managing your money with great add-ons on the Chrome browser which is very helpful and easy. As a browser based app, Financial Calculator has a simple interface for calculating mortgages, loan amount, interest, loan term, EMI, RD, IRR, ROI, APR and yield. With the number of users for this add-on, Google Finance gives real time details of quotes, stocks, charts and has a customised watch list along with all the fiscal watch tools.

Another app is the “Zoho Invoice” has features like expenses, time – tracking, reports and payments follow up with an advanced version in “Zoho Books”. For home finance management, Cash Organiser allows you to control your home budget with textual and graphical reports on your spending. This app has 256 – bit security encryption and the transactions are classified. For those dealing in stock markets, “Vuru”, is a stock analyser where the stocks analysed automatically and reports created for investing decisions. Get these add-ons and become more financially sound.
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