Monday, April 15, 2013

Audi brining in smart Matrix LED Headlights for cars

Automobile makers are unleashing superb concepts in the field of headlights. The concept which is likely to be a standard practice in the industry is the use of LED Headlights. Audi is one of the first companies to make it more distinctive with its “angle wing” look. The company is introducing a new product for its cars, the “Matrix LED Headlights”. The main feature of this headlight is that each beam of the LED is sub – divided to enable more light or dim it as per the requirement and integrated with a camera.

The idea of the ‘Matrix LED Headlights’ is that the car will sense the oncoming car and then will automatically dim the headlights. Similarly, Audi is having the tail lights with an OLED – laser beam in its new cars for enhanced safety. The concept is to use the headlights and tail lights electronically to react to the vehicle’s surroundings for better driving and safety of the car’s occupants. Another trend to be seen this year would the integration of features similar to those in Smartphones in the cars.