Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beat the heat with the new concept of solar shirt

The scientists developed a concept of staying cool in the hot summer days.  They invented the concept of “solar shirt” for summer that keep the body cool with solar cells and fans to protect from the heat.  A photovoltaic specialist in engineering and design systems, Santpada Gon Chaudhury said, “We are trying to develop technology to fix small solar cells either into the fiber of a shirt or in its pocket”.   The scientist claims that the solar cells of 2.5 to 3 inches will generate approx. 400 watts of power, which means the energy equivalent to the powerful energy used to charge mobile phones and other electronic devices.

They explained that the fans instilled inside the shirt will be smaller to the fans in a computer.  The energy is powered by the solar cells once the person is outside in the sun.  Hence 400 watts of power is enough to charge the fans.  This shirt will be of benefit in the sun for short periods of time.  Questioning about the price, Gon Chaudhury said the cost factor will be a bare minimum, with the shirt costing around Rs 1600.  He dismissed any harm caused to the human body by the solar cells.