Friday, April 19, 2013

Boat With Double Helicopter Engine - Fly In Water !

Development never comes in road transport only but in waterside transport also. Always waterside transport takes longer time than other transportation. To overcome this, a new idea has been implemented to make the waterside transport fast.

Helicopter engines and Bio-Diesel are the highlights to set the world record. These types of engines are first fit in the boats only and after the performance, it will be too used in huge marines.
A dual Apache helicopter engines to produce up to 4000Hp are equipped with monstrous speedboat. This type of engine has capability to reach the speeds in excess of 200Mph.

Is there any better way to save the oil than riding the boat by fat? Peter Bethune, A designer created “ Earth Race “,This is an Eco-Boat Powered by Bio-Diesel made of fat from his backside and vegetable oils. In additional fats of the animal will also be used in this type of boats.

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