Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Canon Powershot N, more powerful than a smart phone

The canon Powershot N, with tilting touch screen, round lens shutter, zoom controls are one of the most interesting Smartphone cameras. It has a fully automatic point and shoot. It has a built-in WI-Fi for uploading images to social networks or by direct connection to hot spot. It is also very small and slips into your pockets easily. It has an 8x optical zoom. The promise is of much better quality and flexibility. The Powershot N is packed with all new features of “creative shot”, which is turned on by default. The photos can be shot from any unusual angles. The screen flips over 90 degrees and hence stated as “Creativity with a Twist”. 

 The back of the camera has no buttons for control. There are only 3 buttons on the side of the camera for WI-Fi, power and playback. There is an LED flash on the right of the camera too. In front there are 2 silver rings, for zoom control and shutter button. But it has an unconventional design which you cannot pass to friends for a quick snap.  It is powered by 8 x optical zoom lens with 12 MP and 2 inch sensor larger than smart phones.  With inbuilt 5 Digit processor it gives a high quality image.
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