Friday, April 19, 2013

“Chat Heads”, a Facebook feature for Smartphones

Facebook upgraded a new application for iPhone and iPad, the Chat heads that will enable the people to continue chatting while performing other duties.  They can be regular with the messages and notices sent by friends on the phone.  Facebook Inc. has also confirmed that the chat feature will gain impetus in Apple applications also.  The name “Chat heads” is given because of the picture of the sender along with the message is displayed on the screen.

This is a feature that is part of wider integration with Home application of few phones that run on Android iOS.  The updated version of the application is available in Apple’s application store.  But the users of iPad and iPhone have to use the Facebook apps for chat heads.  This feature so embedded in Apple is yet to come in the following weeks.  The chat heads display is a set of apps made of people’s Facebook information.  Usually Facebook opens to write messages and notifications of the person concerned.  Here the messages are displayed along with the person’s photo.  This is more suitable for users of iPhone and tablets.