Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cheapest phone ever, Nokia 105

Nokia one of the oldest companies in the mobile segment has launched a colourful mobile set for the layman for just Rs 1,249.  As 80% of Indians population fall in the average and below average level, this phone will be embraced with open arms.  It comes with attributes suitable for a tough life.  All the basic important features are well taken care of.  Nokia 105 comes with a highly efficient battery for 12 hrs and backup of 35 days.  The keypad is dust and spill proof.

The bright colour screen of this phone has whooshed away the black & white era.  It is packed with information; just name it, education, health, world, skills and much more. The SMS service gives hands on internet information.  The other basic essentials include, alarm clock with five programmes, flash light, speaking clock, FM radio and five games.  The inbuilt games differ by country.  It has a 1.4 inch display, length x breadth is 107mmx44.8mm with thickness of 14.3mm.