Friday, April 19, 2013

Configure Your System More Efficient With Core Configurator !

If you want to configure
your system more efficiency and productivity then use this tool called Core Configurator.
As the suggestion of its name, it brings the capability to configure the system more effective. It has come out with a graphic interface to configure your Windows Server 2008 Core Edition for more efficiency and effortless management. Moreover, you can have fully functional features from this tool like product activation, configuration of display resolution, configuring your clock and time zone, remote desktop configuration, managing all the local user accounts, configuring your firewall, WinRM configuration, options to configure your IP address, manage your computer name and domain/workgroup membership.

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In additional, this tool allows for easy installation of Server Core features or roles. This is available completely free for commercial use and is fit for Windows 2008 Server Core Edition.

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