Friday, April 19, 2013

Digital Pen.!

As the truth, always technology makes the man lazy. We can easily travel in the way of technologies. Because definitely it will drop us in the peak but we can’t escape. As an improvement of technology here a new Digital Pen has been disclosed to the public view. We can use any kind of paper to write by this pen. The pen displays the pretentious characters whenever we write in the papers. These pens can not be differentiated from normal pens. Both Pen and Display come with software which is used for converting any scribble handwriting into text.

This pen works with Pegasus Technology as well as the earlier model that requires a receiver that should be connected to the PC. Whenever we connect this pen to the PC the pen starts to sense the writing. The written thing is displayed on the On-Screen note that lasts until the user begins to write again.This pen set has a receiver unit in which a small rechargeable battery is connected. Whenever we detach the Pen from the PC the receiver unit stores the data whatever we write in the pen. When we connect the Pen to the PC then it will transfer the data to the PC. The Mobile Digital Scribe Software can file the notes

into folders and saves as JPEG format. The software requires the receiver button to be pressed when we start to write. The Pen has a LCD Track that shows the quantity of written pages and characters. The software gives an alert bubble whenever the PC begins without Pen receiver.