Friday, April 19, 2013

Dual Layer Multi Drive - Sleek.!

It is time to keep away the CD and DVD drives as a Sleek Portable Super Multi Drive has been unveiled by Amex Digital.This product is very reliable and affordable because of its lowest price and compatibility with both MAC and PC.this gadget is actually designed for upgrading the drives to a higher end.but this will overcome the other drives such as CD and DVD drives very soon.

This Multi Drive
supports 20x writing speed on both DVD-R & has capability to write at 10x speed with both DVD-R & DVD+R dual/double layer media.we can play the records more reliably than normal drives as it has cool Liquid Crystal and Blur Compensator inside the drive.
This gadget is available in market from July 8 onwards of 2008 and MSRP comes around $89.00. this is available in black and white colors.