Saturday, April 13, 2013

Exclusive gaming Tablet from Razer Inc, the 10.1” Razer Edge

Whatever the size of Tablets available in the stores, they are replacing laptops for a variety of reasons. Razer Edge Tablet from Razer Inc is a legitimate gaming Tablet. The tablet has two variants, Razer Edge and Razer Edge Pro. The Razer Edge Pro comes with i7 Intel processor, 8GB RAM, 2GB Nvidia Graphics, 128/256GB solid state drive, whereas, the lower version, Razer Edge has i5 Intel processor with 4GB RAM, 1GB Nvidia Graphics and 64GB solid state drive. The tablet has extensive accessories like, Docking Station for accessing ports and charging, a gamepad controller which has controls sticks and bumpers.

Another accessory is the introduction of a keyboard dock soon which could turn the Tablet into more like a laptop. It would be a great gaming experience but the big question is its affordability. The Razer Edge Pro retails at $1,450 and the Razer Edge is priced at $1,000. Gamepad is another $249 with the dock priced at $99. Totaling around $1,800, one can get a great laptop which could be more portable with more functionality and power. But one cannot negate the gaming experience on the Razer Edge Tablets.
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