Saturday, April 13, 2013

Giant Tablet from Lenovo, the 27” Horizon Table PC

Taking the 7 inch tablet to a new level, a huge 27 inch tablet, named ‘IdeaCenter Horizon Table PC’ from Lenovo was announced this week. The company is promoting this product as an “interpersonal PC” which can be accommodated on a coffee table and more than one person can use the display. The 27 inch touch screen display can be used by different persons including multi - player games. President, Product Group, Peter Hortensius is optimistic about consumers loving the product as it would make personal computers more interpersonal with more persons enjoying music, viewing videos and photos together on the same screen. Multi - player games can be played with accessories specific this product.

This product appears to be specifically made for entertainment. A variety of accessories come with the Horizon Table PC. It is known that accessories include four joysticks and e-dice.  Horizon comes with Windows 8 which has all the features of a Window PC and Lenovo’s Aura, multi – user interface. However, it is reported that the Horizon Table PC comes with a price tag of $1,699 and upgrade of accessories is likely to increase the price to around $2,000.