Friday, April 19, 2013

Google: New Sad Tab Page of Chrome

If you’re a regular user of Chrome, you might have noticed the built-in sad tab page that states "aw, snap!" message with "he's dead, Jim!". Now, this message has been replaced with "Something caused this page to be killed , either because the operating system ran out of memory, or for some other reason. To continue, press Reload or go to another page." To see the page, just type about:kill in the address bar after opening a new tab in the Chrome browser.

"He's dead, Jim!" is a catchphrase used by Leonard H. McCoy, a character from Star Trek. "The line has entered popular culture as a general metaphor, with uses as diverse as descriptions of an unresponsive electronic circuit, an example of how to add an audio file to function as an alert sound in a computer system, and an illustrative quote regarding how to know if one's opponent has been destroyed in an action hero game." If you look at the images provided in  this article, you can find the difference out.

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