Friday, April 19, 2013

How to enable and configure the MAC Address Filtering

Using the MAC Address Filtering feature of the IPv4 Address, you can easily include or exclude the Computers and the devices based on their MAC Addresses. If you’re going to configure the MAC Address Filter, you have to specify the Hardware Types that are exempted from filtering. Usually, all of the Hardware types that are defined in RFC1700 are exempted from filtering. If you want to modify the Hardware type exemptions, follow the following steps.
•    You’ve to right click on the IPv4 node and then select the Properties from the DHCP.
•    Then, on the Filters Tab, click Advanced.
•    After that, from the Advanced Filter Properties dialog box, select the Check Box for the Hardware types to exempt from filtering.
•    Therefore, it is required to uncheck the box for the Hardware types to filter.
•    Then, click OK to save the changes.

Follow the following steps to enable an allow list, deny list or to both.
•    You’ve to right click on the IPv4 node and then select the Properties from the DHCP.
•    Then, on the current filter configuration details of the Filters Tab, you have to select Enable in order to Allow List and select the Enable Deny List in order to deny list.
•    Then, click on OK to save the settings.
•    You may also right click on the Allow or Deny node and then select or Enable the features.
If you’ve enabled the filtering, you can define the filters using the MAC address for the client Computer or Device’s Network Adapter. Moreover, on the Client Computer, you can obtain the MAC Address by typing the Command ipconfig/all at the Command Prompt. The physical Address listed on the Command Prompt should be entered for the filters to work.

Remember, if you’re going to define a filter, you can specify the MAC Address with or without the hyphens. Therefore, you can enter either FE-01-56-23-18-94-EB-F2 or FE0156231894EBF2. At the same time, if you want to use the Asterisk (*) as a wildcard for pattern matching, you can do it. The values will match as the following if you enter the asterisk (*) to allow any value to match a specific part of the MAC address.


If you want to configure a MAC address filter, follow these following steps:
•    Double click on the IPv4 Node from the DHCP Console and then double clik the Filters Node.
•    Now, right click on Allow or Deny as appropriate for the type of filter you’re going to create.
•    Then, click New Filter.
•    After that, enter the MAC Address to filter and you can enter the comment in the Description field if you want to.
•    Now, click Add.
•    You can follow the same steps to add other files.
•    Now, click on Close  when you finish.