Wednesday, April 10, 2013

HP discloses Moonshot servers to save power

According to HP chief Meg Whitman, “HP Moonshot marks the beginning of a new style of IT that will change the infrastructure economics and lay the foundation for the next 20 billion devices”.  The company Hewlett-Packard launched Moonshot device to save electricity for the corporate sector.  The device is compact, saves space, cost less and gives energy efficiency of 89%.  It contains Smartphone-style chips to connect to data center servers.  This new level of computer servers is efficient enough to handle the sophistication of new technological network developments, computing, analyzing and gathering data. 

The Moonshot servers have inbuilt chips of Intel Atom most commonly found in androids and tablets.  But the company is slightly set back with the latest developments in computer technology.  With a little more effort, a more powerful device can be made.  A similar server device, the Intel Centerton is a 64-bit processor that can handle error correcting code (ECC), a better option for data corruption.