Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Information recovery solution, “ER-220 Smart phone Recovery Pro”

Technology is not so fruitful all the time.  With so many devices and gadgets coming on our way, we as humans reach out for fast solution, depend on them for everything.  Hence nothing should ever go wrong while using them.  One such solution is “ER-220 Smart phone Recovery Pro”, this enables one to get the data or information that is lost or deleted.  This device can recover data from iPhone easily and can also display the lost information.  Nothing like it, in fact everyone loses data from the phone either by breakage or because of water spills. 

This software in the recover pro not only provides displayed data but also recovers all the other information contacts, like messages, call history, notes and calendar data entry.  This recovers the data and also keeps a backup of the information so recovered.  Very useful at times when numbers of important persons are lost forever.  The software operates on a Flash drive; hence there is no requirement to prominent file.  The data is recovered without the need to put the phone in DFU mode.  This is compatible with Mac system, data transfer cable, iPhone registered by Mac, the phone must have iTunes software, runs on Mac  operating system of 10.5 -10.7,  a backup file is created only by iTunes and supports 3G, 4, 3Gs, 4S and 5.