Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Innovative computing technology in the offing for 2013-14

Some of the innovative ideas flourished in 2012 like Instagram, Spotify and Pinterest. Every time an innovative technology is introduced in the market, there is a buzz around it. One of the promising products waiting to be fully subscribed into the computing devices is the Leap Motion Controller. This technology actually senses one’s complicated hand and finger movements like in the movie Minority Report. Combine this with the ‘eye scrolling’ technology; one would get a great combination in computing complex equations, which would most likely benefit immensely in robotics, healthcare, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, nano - materials, communications, synthetic biology, data collation and co-relation, to say the least.

Such great technological advances including voice recognition will lead to using the computers in the most natural way. Another technology development in the pipeline is the Google’s Project Glass which is an attempt to display words and pictures of wearable computing devices. If the Google’s Project Glass is successful, then there would be no need for screens or monitors also.