Friday, April 12, 2013

Introduction of “Inactive Account Manager” by Google

Inactive Account Manager by GoogleGoogle has launched a digital self-control application to handle the data, emails, chats, YouTube, Drives, photos and networks after the person’s death.  All this information can be transferred or deleted upon a stipulated period of time.  Google has made this process easier by introducing “Inactive Account Manager”, where a person dear to him/her can express Google to transfer data concerned for the person into their personal account or delete completely or partially.  This can be done by leaving a message on the account home page.  Upon this, Google enables the option of sharing information with near and dear or have the account deleted.

Google provides time period to take action of the account or less it may send intimation through email or give reminders before the stipulated time given.   Google will specify the amount of time where upon the action will be taken.  Users have the option to burn the account themselves.  With “Inactive Account Manager” the user will be in complete control of the data.