Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Keyboard with unique features from Cooler Master

The new mechanical keyboard, “CM Storm QuickFire Stealth” is a more advanced version of QuickFire Rapid keyboard.  The keyboard consists of CherryMX mechanical keys having four different colors such as blue, red, green and brown.  It has a very unique design of 10 compact keys with Cherry MX buttons.  As is a common feature with every keyboard of the number and signs on top of the keys, the CM storm has them printed on the front for easy angle vision and also has the advantage of never wearing out. The colors depict according to the feel of the button.  That means, red is light or linear, green key is firm, blue is very light, and brown is medium and rather flexible. 

 The usage of green is unique to CM whereas the other colors offer a different feel about them.  The keyboard directly connects to the computer from a USB peripheral.  The shortcut keys are adjustable for easy access to playing games and also provide efficiency and speed in typing.  The keyboard is priced at $94.99 with two year warranty.  It is available online for purchase.  The Cooler Master is looking forward to bringing MX green keys in their new versions of QuickFire TK, Trigger and QuickFire XT.