Friday, April 19, 2013

Launch of “Google Person Finder” by Google for Boston disaster

Google has taken the initiative with respect to a humanitarian cause like the one that happened in Boston.  It is a software tool to help find friends and relatives through search engines.  Google has set up “Google Person Finder” for Boston which gives access to two buttons, I’m looking for someone or I have information about someone.  Nearly 3,300 people are utilizing the tool for finding their inmates.  The tool is an application of the web that allows the user to know the status of disaster victims.  As part of ‘ Project’ the software provides information for shelters, injured victims, condition of roads and power availability.  The person's profile along with photograph is stored as index in Google Person Finder.

Within minutes of the disaster, Google Person Finder started tracking individuals who are missing.  Since 2010 it has helped 800,000 individuals.  It stood like a pillar in disasters like, Haiti Earthquake, Christchurch Earthquake, Chili Earthquake and Japan Tsunami and earthquake of 2011 that washed away 340,000 inmates.  This new technology of Google for Boston Marathon Bombing has served the purpose beyond imagination.