Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Launch of HTC One in India

The new launch in the smart phone segment is HTC One.  The phone will be available from the end of April with a price tag of 42,990.  It has high resolution screen, full HD with 469ppi pixel density.  Unlike the other smart phones, HTC One has rear camera of 4 MP with ultrapixel technology.  It has 2GB RAM with 4.1 Jelly Bean and HTC Sense UI.  It did embrace some useful quality of inbuilt memory capacity of 32 and 64GB but without a microSB card for extra memory.  The sound system is enhanced with dual frontal speakers with booming sound.  The specific features to HTC One are BlinkFeed, Zoe and sound system. 

It is quite uniquely made with 2,300mAh battery with remote control sensors (IR sensors).  The other models in this series are, One X and One X+ in India.  These have a competitive price tag in comparison with other smart phone models.  The HTC One is much cheaper than its predecessor Butterfly.
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