Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Launch of the Ocutag, visual search platform by RICOH

RICOH, the Innovations Corporation has launched a mobile visual search platform, Ocutag.  This enables users to connect with each other by image capture.  This technology was first implemented by Disney UTV Digital’s Smartphone.  Ricoh Innovations President said, “The mission of our new Visual Services and Solutions Business Unit is to understand and interpret the world’s visual information to provide an enhanced human experience”.  The Ocutag allows application users to download the new visual search technology using the API (application programming interface).  With the use of the API, the Ocutag makes a match with the application and posts a visual image.

This is a new human experience as promised by Ricoh.  According to Ricoh, various companies can use the technology of Ocutag to feel the difference of visual imagery to the users.  Disney UTV Digital, on the other hand, has released ‘UTV Stars’ application for smart phones which can support the Ocutag application.  The ‘UTV stars’ is the first hand on apps to have in depth search for the movies and entertainment world.