Saturday, April 13, 2013

LG for Near-field Communication Capability for home appliances

LG is going hard at the CES 2013 with its “touch the smart life” tag line. LG is aiming to make all its electronic products be more smart and interactive with the users at home or people on the go. The company is improving all their ‘intelligent’ appliances by integrating them with Near-field Communication Capabilities (NFC). One can use their Smartphones to scan the NFC tag on any of LG devices and connect to it. NFC will sync with the device / appliance (like oven, washing machine and refrigerator) and then remotely controlled.  With NFC, maintenance requirement of washing machine, cleaning up the house with robotic vacuum or check what is available in the fridge are some of the tasks which can be done remotely  without any hassle once the syncing is complete.

There is a resistance to embrace the smart appliance by consumers as connecting these devices / appliances appears to be rocket science to them, Scott Ahn, LG’s Chief Technology Officer, had stated during a press conference. He also alluded to the price factor being one of the reasons but did not specify the price band of NFC enabled appliances which are likely to hit the market this year.