Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Logitech Harmony, the smart way to control devices

Logitech Harmony has launched two new remote control devices, the “Harmony Smart Control “and “Harmony Ultimate”.  Both these devices of Logitech are powered with control features that can be used for smart phones and game consoles.  They can work through walls and cupboards.  The Harmony Ultimate is a packed hub of features.  It has colored 2.4 inch touch screen which gives access to channel numbers, channel list, up and down features and other functions.  It has an integrated circuit with Philips Hue light bulbs.  As promised by Thompson the remote can control the TV, on the Blue-ray, and can as well control the temperature and brightness of the bulb. 

The Ultimate can control up to 15 devices at a time.  It is made of plastic and has comfortable handling positions.  It has swipe and tapping features also.  It gives easy access to Android Smartphone for sharing the control capabilities.  The Smart Control has similar functions only without a touch screen. It can operate on 8 devices.  With the smart application on the iPhone, it can be transformed into a control for personal viewing.
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