Monday, April 8, 2013

Make your career using LinKedln network

Interested in getting a good job the easy way?  Well, this will no longer be a daunting task for students or people tired of searching a job.  The software technology available with this website offers an easy way to get the job of your dreams.  New software known as LinkedVis makes it work like never seen before.  The job search is done by scanning the details of people who belong to the same career field, skills and qualification as yours.  It shortens the list of those who are similar to you.  Lastly, it suggests the name of their company and their position, showing a career path for what you are capable of.

It has also the provision to suggest various other options ‘if this is not possible’.  It will provide information to improve further career prospects.  This software is developed by the University of  California, Santa Barbara by computer scientists.  Till now, this software is yet to show results, since it has not been tested on a large scale.