Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Microsoft in the business of making a smart watch

Microsoft is exploring its way into the world of smart watch technology.  It has already issued orders in Asia for the components required for the smart watch.  But the Microsoft team has not yet cleared the picture for development.  Many years the company had trouble developing smart watches with SPOT (Smart Personal Objects Technology).  With little success the company ended the project in the year 2008.  Microsoft will opt to join the other technological leaders in the making process.  Apple, Samsung, Google and Bloomberg have given indications about the development of smart watch devices. 

In fact Samsung has declared to be working on such devices for many years now.  Even Google is showing signs of developing an application that will support the timepiece.  Now with the news of Microsoft taking a leap in the technology, the competition will take a new turn.  All these companies will concentrate to bring in more advanced form of technology into the market.  The devices include, smart watches, Pebble wristwatch, Martian Passport Watch, fitness bands or a hybrid that will storm the market.