Friday, April 19, 2013

Modernized and user friendly Ciclotte gives the efficientexercisingexperience

In order to meet the huge demand of the modern life that keeps the functional and aesthetical aspects in the same dimension, Luca Schieppati has designed a new concept called Ciclotte. A new model exercising-bicycle that is able to fulfill your aspects about exercising. Ciclotte is an ergonomic innovation that includes the finest engineering technology with the ability to complement the luxury interior and essential fitness world. Besides, it features Carbon Handlebar, comfortable and adjustable saddle that lets the users try an exercise from 12 different exercise programs. Moreover, it has a solid base that makes the machine to remain tight to its default locations and to make it safe for the users.

All it is done for simply eliminating the possibility of being slipped from the machine. The other major materials that are used in this machine are Steel and fiberglass. At the same time, this is more comfort for Home, Office, Gym and Outdoor use, as it is durable and lightweight.