Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New innovation and concept of wearable gadgets

Look into the new future technology gives us an experience of wearable cloth gadgets.  This technology opens a frontier into using devices without holding them but by wearing them.  The Lumos Design Technology at Bangalore has come up with a smart T-shirt filled with solar cells of flexible amorphous nature that has the power to display screen.   The seams and the shoulder lining are sewed with battery and circuits.  The T-shirt has a USB port at the pocket, memory card, power slot and buttons.  A minimum of 200 watts is required to charge the wireless connections.  This wearable concept of technology will be marketed storm of 2016.

Similarly, Dhama Innovations of Hyderabad designed a jacket to control climate by ClimaCon technology.  This innovation will control the body temperature according to the weather and areas where more needed.  This technology behaves according to the sweat production and concentration of blood vessels of the body.  The CEO of Kranthi Kiran Vistakula of Dhama Innovations has also made the further advancement of the technology in controlling pain management.  He included this technology in knee-packs, headbands, elbow packs and neck packs for relief from instant pain.  The climate control jacket has the advantage of controlling the temperatures as per requirement by the user.  The elbow wrap with this feature is very useful for patients suffering from blood problems and stiffness of joints.