Friday, April 19, 2013

New Music player at just $49

Transcend MP350 New Music playerA new compact digital music player called as the MP350 at just $49 which is currently available with a capacity of 8GB. Transcend information inc. has come up with lots of features with this new release. They include a built in sports clip with a handy fitness tracker which provide an incentive for people who want to achieve both short and long term fitness goals. It has an easy grip rubberized surface with a bright easy-to-read OLED display and is compact in size. It is ultra light weight and has great controls which can be operated even when the user is on the move.

This device supports popular music formats like MP3, WMA and WAV and delivers a superior audio output quality which ranges over 90dB. Other features if this device includes, a voice recorder, a connection to the FM radio, an integrated microphone which contains an A-B repeat system which has proved to be very efficient for students as well professionals to use for reviewing their previous lectures, meetings.