Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New software waiting to reduce the air traffic, “GapSense”

With so many electronic devices in use every day by millions of people around the globe, jamming has become a constant problem.  This results in bad network, messed up connections and sudden stoppages of calls. In order to avoid these problems, scientists at the University of Michigan are in the process of developing new software to enable the wireless products to interact with each other and provide alert messages to avoid further collision.  This will reduce airwaves interaction and interference of traffic. 

The new software named “GapSense” will allow simple messaging between devices by means of gaps and pulses.  The stop message for example is conveyed by the length of the gaps. This information is provided at the start of a talk or by interrupting information so that other devices close by are also intimated.  The software promises to reduce around 88% of traffic collisions.  With moderate traffic, the collision interaction will be reduced to zero.  GapSense also aids in reducing the power consumption by 44 percent used by the WI-Fi devices.