Monday, April 15, 2013

New technology on the breach, iPad 5 losing its weight, looking sleek

The competitive market technology in the tablet PC segment is yet to see the release of iPad 5 from Apple.  The company is rumoured to concentrate on a low cost tablet with smaller size and high performance.  The iPad 5 fits in perfectly showing a compact model that will be ready to sweep the market.  The tablet will take the base of iPad mini with large display screen.  The screen will be placed with the advanced technology of LED background light which will make the device lighter and thinner.  Other ultra advanced changes include display with touch sensor and use of IGZO display as used by Sharp.

Apple with its two earlier launches of iPads used Retina Display that made the phones much heavier and thicker.  With the advanced factors on the roll Apple is looking forward to hit the market with iPad mini 2 and iPhone 5 S later this year.  This would also mean the release of the latest operating system iOS 7 due for release in the next six months.